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Policies and Procedures

Absolutely Precious Paws is a network of caring Pet Sitters providing consistent, superior, holistic care for pets that enhances their quality of life, educates their owners, and allows them to 'leave with peace of mind, and come home to happy pets'.

Our policies are aimed to ensure the wellbeing of your pets, the well-being and retention of our Pet Sitters and the efficient running of the business. Pet sitting can be a demanding job and by providing guidelines, everyone will know what is expected and your pet sitter will be able to provide the best possible service to your pets.

The policies are subject to change and clients are asked to read and agree with the policies before a booking is made. Thank-you for your understanding. “we”, “our” and “us” refers to Absolutely Precious Paws or its Contractor & Assigns “you” and “your” refers to the Pet Owner/Client.

Initial Meeting

We will arrange with you a suitable time to meet both you and your pets. The purpose of this consultation is to collect information about your pets care, ensure we have a working key in hand and work out the schedule and type of visit that will best suit your pet’s requirements and your budget. It is expected that you will have filled in your client detail form prior to this meeting and your pets are shut inside so we can meet/see them. We recommend you don’t feed them until after our visit to encourage them to be around. You are expected to pay for the upcoming sitting in full at that initial consultation. If no booking is made at that time a consultation deposit is charged. This is a non-refundable deposit, which is to be paid at the initial consultation in part payment for future services. If you cancel the booking you make, it can be used for future services. If you do not use the service again it will be treated payment for the pet sitter’s time and travel costs and administration costs for the initial consultation.

Subject to the above we provide one complimentary meeting. Should you require another meeting it will be charged on a time and callout basis.

Types of Pet Sitting Visits

A Basic visit just covers the basic minimum standards of collecting the mail, cleaning the bowls, giving fresh food and water, giving medication if necessary, taking the dog for a short walk, picking up the poos, scooping litter tray and giving them a pat and cuddle.

If your pet needs a longer time spent with them i.e. they are long haired and need a decent brush, perhaps they are a Siamese, Burmese or other breed that needs more attention, or they are used to having a lot more attention or you would just like them to have more time spent with them we recommend a Standard visit. A VIP visit is an hour long visit for that extra special pet.

Key procedure and drop off/pick up

We will need a key to test when we come to the initial meeting. We would prefer a key rather than a garage door opener, which may not work if there is a power cut. You may wish us to retain the key for future services. Should you want us to drop the key back or courier it to you, there will be a key drop off/pick up charge - $11. You can arrange with the Pet Sitter to collect it from them or we can leave the key in a safe place that you recommend, at the last visit, provided payment has been received for the sitting. If payment is not received we will retain the key until it is received.

Booking service times

Bookings need to be made through the Network Support Office either by Email (preferred).There is a booking form on the website www.preciouspaws.co.nz; or Telephone 0508 738 748 (0508 PETSIT) or 07 5766101 if ringing from a mobile (leave message on the answer phone if you are calling outside office hours); or Text 027 2419945.

We need to know your name, address, which pets need care, how you’d like your Pet Sitter to confirm the booking with you, first date and time, last date and time and frequency of visits.

The first visit must be no later than the day following your departure. The last visit must be no earlier than the day before your return. We recommend if you are back after midday then a visit be scheduled for that morning and that you keep to your pet’s normal routine as far as frequency and times of feeds.

We do not condone every other day visits. You understand that by agreeing to such service, you hold harmless Absolutely Precious Paws and its representatives from any problems that may arise from such an arrangement. This includes the health of your pet, and the condition of your home. You hereby release Absolutely Precious Paws and it’s contractor and assignees from any claims resulting in injury to your pets and damage to your home, including claims of negligence.

Once your booking is made a confirmation/invoice will be emailed to you. Please check the dates to confirm they are correct. Your Pet Sitter will also contact you to confirm they have the booking and confirm dates.

Cancellation policy and Last Minute booking and changes to bookings

We need at least 48 hours notice of any bookings, cancellations and amendments to schedules to allow time to notify our Pet Sitters so they can plan their day appointments. We appreciate part of the beauty of our service is our availability, flexibility and convenience but we need to cover the administration costs incurred by making a booking and then cancelling or amending it. A booking at short notice (less than 24 hours) incurs additional costs i.e. phone calls to your Pet Sitter to ensure they have the booking and usually at a time which is out of office hours. A cancellation at short notice may mean another client was turned away from the appointment time.

To cover this Absolutely Precious Paws will charge, during non-peak times, for the first 2 booked days if the cancellation is made less than a 48 hour period. During peak times i.e. 2 week holiday period over Christmas and New Year, 4 days, and over Easter and any long weekend we require 7 days notice of cancellation and will charge for the first 2 booked days plus 25% of the remainder of the bill if the cancellation is made less than 7 days before the first visit. This will compensate the Pet Sitter for the time they have allocated for this visit and loss of earning because of the cancellation. If the bill is prepaid, a credit of the bill total minus the cancellation fee will be made on the account and can be used for future pet sitting visits. There will be no refunds.

Last minute bookings (within a 24 hour period) will be charged an additional $11 fee.

Any amendment to an original booking will be charged an additional $11 fee.

Contacting your Pet Sitter

Your Pet Sitter may have another job, so the best way to contact them is via their email address headoffice@preciouspaws.co.nz. If you wish to text your Pet Sitter, you can do so by texting the Network Support Office mobile number 027 2419945 and this will be forwarded to your sitter. If you need to speak to the Pet Sitter you can leave a message on the Network support Office answer phone 0508 738 748 (0508 PETSIT) and the message will be forwarded to their home number. Your Pet Sitter may wish to give you their mobile phone number. This is only so you can contact them about your pet while you are away. All bookings need to go via Head Office to ensure they get to the Pet Sitter who is working in your area at the time of your booking.

Holiday Surcharge

A $12 holiday surcharge will be charged for any visit on a Public holiday i.e. Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and Day after New Year’s Day, Anniversary Day, Waitangi Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Anzac Day, Queens Birthday, Labour Day. This is to compensate pet sitters for working days that other’s have off.

Other charges

Clients may incur other charges over and above pet sitting fees. Please advise if extra services are needed when making the booking so we can add this to your original invoice. If you leave a note for your Pet Sitter of additional services required they will advise the Network Support Office and another invoice will be issued. i.e. Delivery fee - to purchase and deliver food if your supply runs out - $11.

Additional time – For any additional time required to tend animals due to unexpected events i.e. missing animals, soiled animals, cleaning vomit, faeces, urine off carpets. Sorting out problem barking animals or sick and unwell animals i.e. time spent at Vets, burglaries etc. This will be charged upon your return and payment is required within 7 days - $4.50 per 5 mins

If any extra time needed and is notified at the time of booking and charged with the original invoice, the rate is $3.50 per 5 mins. If it is advised of later the rate is $4.50 per 5 mins.

  • Rubbish bin put in/out - $4.50
  • Plants/Gardens watered -$4.50 per 5 mins
  • Indoor pots watered- $4.50 per 5 mins
  • Security package – $4.50
  • Late night call out - $11
  • Visit to the Vet or Groomer - $4.50 per 5 mins for the time spent at the Vet or Groomer Taxi service to get to Vet or Groomer - $11 call out and $1.10 per km
  • Mail collection and a House check is included free of charge with the Pet Sitting service.
Loyalty Scheme

To reward your loyalty we offer a Loyalty scheme. This entitles you to a free visit after 10 paid visits provided payment is made prior to the first visit.

Additional charges are paid within 7 days of the issue of our invoice.

Your invoice will include the free visit/s on it if one is due to you, but if the invoice is not paid on time we will charge for this extra visit and this will be due within 7 days of the issue of our invoice.

Payment Terms

Payment for services is due before the first visit. Any additional charges incurred during the term of the sit are due within 7 days of the final visit. The client may pay by:

  • Internet Banking (preferred) - Please use your Surname and Invoice number as reference
  • Cheque - either posted to Head Office or left for your Pet Sitter to collect and deposit. Please leave copy of invoice
  • Cash - left for your Pet Sitter to collect and deposit. Please leave copy of invoice

If you do not pay our account when due, we will be entitled to add a service fee of 2% per month to our account, calculated daily on the amount owing and all collection costs incurred by us in recovering any monies owing by you, until we receive payment of the amount outstanding in full.

When you return home

We appreciate you notifying your Pet Sitter when you return by leaving a voicemail message at the 24 hour number, 0508 738 748, emailing head office or texting the Network Support Office on 027 2419945. If we don't hear from you within a before the next feed is due, your Pet Sitter will endeavour to contact you by phone or text or email. If they are unable to make contact, they will make a visit. If you have returned and did not notify us, this visit will be charged at your regular rate. If you have been delayed and unable to call, we will continue to care for your pets until we hear from you. These visits will be charged at your regular rate. This procedure is to help ensure the well-being of client pets, as well as to provide for your peace of mind while travelling.

Litter tray

We appreciate you cleaning the litter box before you leave. We will leave the litter box and surrounding area in at least as good condition as it was at the first visit. You will need to provide us with the necessary equipment, including scoop, bags, broom and dustpan, to keep the litter box area maintained.

Vomit/poos/wees and cleaning

While we care for your home, we are not a house cleaning service. Small spots will be cleaned as instructed; larger areas will incur an extra time charge. We will not be responsible for any damage to carpets, rugs, floors, plants, or other household goods caused by your pets urinating, spraying, defecating, scratching, chewing or vomiting on them.

Liability Insurance, job Sharing and other people in the house, houses left open

Our Liability Insurance will be null and void if there are other people staying at or entering the house or if you choose to have doors and windows left open or doors unlocked. We discourage job sharing or help from the neighbours, friends, family unless there are very special circumstances.

Keeping details up to date

We expect you to inform us if there has been a change in your pet’s routine, what they can eat and can’t eat, if they are on any medication, any changes to your locks or access and changes of contact details.

Back up Pet Sitters

We reserve the right to have your pet visited by a relieving pet sitter, a pet sitter from another area or other helper in the event of your pet sitter’s illness or injury.

Walking dogs

For everyone’s peace of mind we prefer to walk dogs on their leash unless we know the dog really well and are confident they will respond to voice commands consistently.

Timing of visits

If you need a specific time that your pets is visited i.e. diabetic animals requiring insulin injections, we will make sure we are there at the correct time. All other visits are planned with in a time range and scheduled to minimise driving times and fuel consumption. We generally can’t guarantee an exact time to be at your house as it depends if we have unexpected happenings at another house.

Absent animals

Some cats are shy and you will know if your pet falls into this category. This is one of the questions we ask. We like to at least sight your pets on a daily basis and to ensure they are well. We will use our own good judgement i.e. if the food is being eaten and the bed slept on and we are happy they are well, we may continue visiting them, and use the time allocated to pats, to look for them.

  • We may feed slightly less food, so they are more motivated to be around.
  • We may change the time of the visit if it seems the cat isn’t there at the time we are visiting.
  • We may leave a light on to encourage them indoors
  • We may put the cat door on one way to lock Puss inside and either leave a dirt tray out or come back later in the day.
  • We may ring you to let you know if we are concerned.
  • We may ask the neighbours if they have seen the cat.
  • We may ring the Vet and SPCA
  • We may even put out fliers if no food is eaten for a few days and we are concerned the pet is not returning to the house
Dog Walking Service

This is done on a time basis, usually in the middle of the day. Again we can’t guarantee a precise time as we may be held up at another house. We cannot do training on Group dog walks and if your dog is not behaving we may suggest some individual walks until s/he settles down. Again you are expected to pay before or at the first walk of the week, for the following week. Regular walks are billed weekly.

Boarding & Doggy Day Care Dogs
Initial visit

We like to meet you at the Pet Sitters home to assess the suitability of the dog for the environment and to give you a quote of price per day. This gives your dog a chance to look round too. We reserve the right to refuse entry of any animal. We may also suggest a trial day/night to ensure your pet is happy being away from home.

What to bring

Dogs staying in the Pet Sitters home ( Pet Home Stay or Doggy Day Care) are expected to bring everything they will need for the duration of the stay i.e. food, bedding, medication and if necessary bowls, toys and treats. All items need to be named.

Drop off and pick up

We don’t have specific drop off or pick up times as we prefer to remain flexible for your benefit. We prefer to arrange a time that suits the owner and the Pet Sitter. It is expected you will be on time for this appointment, as the Pet Sitter may have other commitments, pets to visits, dogs to walk. If you are likely to be running late, we recommend a later night or early morning drop off, or a drop off in office hours. Your pet sitter can advise you of their usual schedule.

An alternative is we can pick up or drop off your pet when to your home when we make our usual Pet Sitting visits. There is a $10 charge for this.


Pet Home Stay and Doggy Day Care rates are charged for the time you dog is in our care i.e. per hour.

A short walk from home and our Group Dog excursions to the beach or park are extra. There will be additional charges for extra time as outlined above under “Additional time”. If your animal needs Veterinary care or special services you are to pay all such costs.

The usual holiday surcharges of $12 apply if a dog is staying on a holiday day.

If your pet is in our care for longer than a week, we will bath them on the day or the day before they go home. There will be a charge for this. If they are staying 2 weeks or more, you have the option of regular baths. We can also arrange a local Mobile Pet Wash company to give them a thorough clean up or a trip to the groomer if they need a groom in the time you are away. There will be extra charges for this including the fee the Groomer charges and a taxi fee.


Payment is expected on line before your pet arrives or by cash or cheque when you drop off.

Policies and procedures may be updated and changed without notice but most often we will advise via our regular newsletter.