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Doggy Daycare

Are you tired of leaving your dog to its own devices all day?

At Absolutely Precious Paws Doggy Daycare your dog or puppy can enjoy supervised play in a safe place.

For 1 to 5 days a week or on an ad-hoc basis, Absolutely Precious Paws Doggy Daycare is the perfect solution for you and your dog or puppy. We provide the stimulation, social interaction and the tender loving care your dog needs and you will get peace of mind knowing that your precious dog will be happy and safe with our caring, experienced staff in an environment that is perfect for dogs big and small, young and old. 

We have different play rooms, both with outside courtyards providing wonderful areas for your dog to have fun, play, explore or relax while in a controlled and safe environment.  

Doggy Daycare Service





Day Care



Day Care and Walk


Group walk with other day care dogs   

Day Care and Pet Taxi


Pick-up from your home or work between 7:00am & 9:00am, a day of fun at Day Care, return between 4:00pm & 6:00pm    

Day Care and Training

40.00 15 minutes training.  Choose between basic obedience, agility and tricks   

Day Care and Adventure

45.00  The APP Adventure Pack enjoys adventures at local parks and the beach  

Day Care - half day (up to 5 hours)


APP Club Card

For regular attendance we suggest that you consider purchasing an APP Club Card.  APP Club Cards are available for all combinations of services.  When purchasing an APP Club Card you pay for 10 services and the 11th is free.  For example an APP Club Card for Day Care costs $250.00 and you get 11 Day Care days, a value of $275.00.

All combinations of services are available.  For example Day Care, Walk and Pet Taxi will cost $45.00

Discounts are offered to customers with more than one dog

When using our Doggy Daycare on a Public Holiday, there is a surcharge of $15.00 per pet, per day.

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Pet taxi
$34.50 per trip within Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.  For Pet Taxi services outside of these areas please contact Absolutely Precious Paws for charges.

Little things that matter

  • We offer a free 4 hour trial/orientation so you know your dog will be happy when in our tender loving care at Doggy Daycare.
  • Save money, join our Customer Loyalty scheme... buy 10 Doggy Daycare sessions in advance and get 1 free.
  • And if they need to eat during their stay, we do ask that you provide their food so your dog can stay on their on their normal diet.
Not sure?

You’re welcome to look around, contact us to arrange a suitable time for you.

Ready to go ahead and make a booking?

Go to our booking form where you will find all you need to get your pet registered with us in the pet service you require.

We look forward to meeting you - we guarantee you will leave with peace of mind and return to a happy pet.

Terms and Conditions of our Doggy Day Care Service

All new dogs need to undergo an initial assessment and trial if wanting to use our Doggy Day Care. We offer a free 4 hour trial/orientation, please contact us to arrange a suitable time.  Appointments can also be made look through the day care areas.